Miss “No”All

“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof , because Im happy … clap along if you feel happiness is the truth ..because im hap…”  SNOOZE ! With swollen eyelids and a heavy head , I tap my feet . “Happy” by Pharell Williams never fails to pep me up . 8:00 am already … I run around , get ready , grab my coffee , read the newspaper and rush to work .

By the time I reach work , Im feeling energetic and raring to go , thanks to the ipod and my music ! As I step into my domain, the kitchen , I am surrounded by my staff wishing me a “good morning” , and yet telling me things that portray how this morning is anything but “good”. And, this is an everyday routine. “Chef , the vegetable supply has not come, now we cant be ready for lunch service” , “Chef the deep got spoilt last night so its impossible to get new meats” ; “Chef the oven isnt heating properly so we cant bake our breads today.” My day usually starts with one of the “problems” , which are all easy to solve or deal with, but the biggest problem to deal with is the negative approach that people begin their day with.

My boss and mentor, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai,always keeps telling me and my colleagues that “I never want to listen to a NO . If there’s a problem tell it to me but give me a solution to the problem. No matter how stupid the solution is , give me a solution. Dont expect me to give you solutions when you are not thinking yourself.” For the last 3 years that I have been working with Chef Saby, I have seen him saying this line to at least one person every single day. Soon all of us became so scared of using negative words like No, Cannot, Impossible , in front of him , and to avoid his temper we would think of solutions to a problem, no matter how stupid the solution be , just so he doesn’t think that we haven’t used our brains.

Slowly, without realizing it, I subconsciously started thinking of a solution as soon as a faced a problem, whether it was a professional problem or a personal problem. From problems such as not having ham in my fridge while making eggs bennedict and deciding to serve it on masala jeera aloo, and realizing that its an absolutely delicious combination , to making a cake ring out of carboard and wrapping it in foil , to fixing a broken friendship by refusing to say “no” and giving up.

By changing my “no” into a “yes” , I without realizing , found solutions to most of the challenges that life threw at me. And maybe the solution to most of lifes dilemmas is a simple change in our outlook.


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