Welcome to the jungle!

So, after three tiring days at the formula one event, the kitchen brigade trooped back into the Olive Beach kitchen. The team that had stayed back looked extremely relieved and happy to see us and we were welcomed in a way that made us feel as if we were soldiers returning victorious from a battlefield. But the smiles, hugs , backslaps and laughter was short-lived as we had a very important TDH dinner for 30 guests, with an extremely exquisite menu . To add to that the restaurant was completely booked for dinner service as well. The TDH menu was handed over to us and we scurried around like mice, setting up our areas and checking our mise en place for the day. So much for relaxing after those tiring three days , we thought to ourselves. Now the only thing on our minds was CHEF SABY. All of us inside our hearts were fervently praying to the Almighty that please don’t let Chef Saby , come to kitchen today God, please.

Since I am the person in Olive Beach who is usually in touch with Chef Saby , and mostly I do have an idea about his whereabouts, everybody expected me to know whether he would be arriving at Beach today or not. So, from the moment that I stepped into the kitchen a horde of chefs descended upon me , just as the paparazzi descends upon Angelina Jolie! The only difference being that I wasn’t even remotely close to Angelina Jolie, and secondly , instead of the paparazzi with their cameras and flashbulbs , I had ten odd chefs with tilted caps or no caps , holding an assortment of things , from a duster to a bell pepper to a salmon fillet , staring at me and asking me if Chef Saby would be coming today or not. Still groggy and tired from the F-1 I irritatedly replied that I didn’t have the faintest idea.

Suddenly the phone rang. As always I saw the first 5 digits… 98104.. “Chef Saby!” With an extremely cheerful voice I picked up the phone and said “chefs office Olive Beach” . “Maiiiigggaaaaaa!! Whats up !!! “  screamed Chef , in his signature peppy style . He then informed me that two important guests who would be coming for dinner, he asked me take special care of them since he wouldn’t be able to come. My heart did a mini break dance inside me , and spun with relief and happiness. “Don’t worry Chef, I’ll make sure they are well taken care of “ I put on my most assuring voice so that Chef wouldn’t come to Beach. “Cool ! Take care “ and he hung up.

Just as I put the phone down I saw two big eyes expectantly looking at me waiting for some news regarding chefs whereabouts. “Nahi dada, chefs not coming”. His face broke into a wide toothed smile as he ran to inform the kitchen this news.

Once lunch service finished my colleagues called me to sit with them in the open area outside where the staff chills and has their tea or smokes. What the hell , I thought to myself… might as well relax for some time . Chefs not coming today so …….

As I sat outside with Chef Dev and Pawan, laughing and talking about all the mishaps, good things and catching up about the last 3 days , in the midst of a lot of cigarette smoke , I saw a pair of white Birkenstocks and I slowly lifted my gaze up I saw dark purple Jodhpuris, which only belong to one person, and finally saw a grinning face with his eyes straight on us….  The name on his Chef coat read CHEF SABY……. The king of the jungle had arrived ….


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